Jul 14 2016


My first experience with LSD – Part 1


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Report of my first “trip”

I wish your first trip would be like that.


PART 1. For the other parts click HERE .


First of all, I would like to say that I do not promote the use of any illegal substances and the intention of this article is only to spread awareness about this subject and contribute to the sane and responsible use of substances banned in many countries in the world. Everything you are going to read is a product of my own research, experiment and personal way of interpreting whatever I felt and lived. DO NOT use anything that isn’t regulated by your State’s laws and national medical advices, nor feel free to use this article as your only source of information. Do always more research and try to be responsible as much as you can!


I first became to be interested in psychedelics while reading the book Waking Up by Sam Harris.

In one of its chapters, Sam Harris described how the use of certain substances was used (both in the past and nowadays) by several people as sort of “tool” in order to have an introspective journey towards the huge unknown possibilities of the human mind.

Being a neuroscientist, Harris describes how the use of substances like LSD could change or allow new ways of how the human brain works and the way we perceive the world we live in. That book was very fascinating to me, first of all because of the subject exposed in it, and most importantly because opened my horizon toward an aspect I would have never considered before.



How could it be and how would it feel to have our brain working in a different way? What are yet the unknown possibilities of the human mind? How different can be the perception of the world we live in? How far can we go? And tons of other questions…


I ended the book with a lot of curiosity and desire to investigate more about it. I opened my computer and I started reading more on the effects of LSD. Needles to say that I knew very little about it and moreover I immediately realized how full of biases and bad stereotypes I was.


Scheletal formula of the Lysergic acid diethylamide, known as LSD


Even though I always tried to train myself into not having an opinion on something before doing at least some little research, stereotypes like “If it’s illegal there should be a reason” or “surely nothing good could come out of something that isn’t regulated by the law” were stick into my unconscious mind, and I realized about it only after reading general information about the substance on this website.


Going on with my research on the subject through Google I bumped into psychedsubstance on YouTube and this channel totally blew my mind! Not only the videos were very instructive but they shade light on the safe use of psychedelics, showed the experiences under a given substance and most of all, research and datas collected on the subject. I watched almost all the videos and I personally found the guy (Adam) being very inspiring and instructive talking about all his experiences. All his videos are full of relevant content worth to be spread in order to contrast the fear on this subject.


brain on lsd


After spending quite lot of time on his channel, watched several hours of documentaries on other websites, and read many scientific article about the effect of the LSD on the brain, I began to understand more about the effect that the use of microdosing (assumption of a small quantity of the substance) it was something that I definitely wanted to try on my own skin, but the main problem was how to get access to it. Surely having access to internet and surfing the deep web could be easy to get cheaply some “little squares” but something very interesting happened, a pure moment of serendipity!



A tab representing the first trip of his inventor Albert Hofmann


One day while I was walking on the street, I met a friend of mine – with whom never before that day had spoken about anything like that– and we started our chat as always: hey, how are you doing and so on. By chance I asked him what were his plans for the day and he said: “Well, I’m going for groceries and later I’m going to try some good LSD with a friend of mine.”

At first glance I said “Oh, ok” but then I immediately realized …wait, WHAT?!

In a perfect state of astonishment and happiness I asked him more about it and I said that I was really looking into the psychedelics because of my late research on microdosing and he said: “I’m glad you are interested, I’ll grab you one tomorrow and I’ll give it to you”.

And so he did, the next day there it was me holding a tiny little square. So little and yet have to be so careful because it might completely blow your mind!

Surely now I definitely knew more about all the effects, the possible side effects, what to expect and how long it lasts; what I didn’t know was how I would react or feel and what I could experience given the high subjectivity of the substance on different people.

I had my little square into my closet for more than three weeks before having the right circumstances to try the microdose from it. One Sunday morning was the perfect spot since I had the entire day off from work and nothing could disturb me. I prepared my notebook, cutted in four parts the little square, put one portion under my tongue and at 11 am everything began.

lsd tttt

12 p.m. (after one hour)

I still felt completely normal, I remember I just felt itchy on my back and my arm. I didn’t write anything specific on my note.


13  p.m.

Still nothing special, just feel little bit cold. I feel like I’m trying to put more attention to details, watching more carefully at things and feeling very good mode. Like one of those days where you have no reason to be sad, angry or whatever and everything feels great.

14 p.m.

My hearing seems to be somehow increased. I hear more clearly every sound, the wind blowing outside the window has very clear and distinct sound while before I wouldn’t notice so clearly. Oh shit! It’s 14 o’clock, It starts to be late and I have to cook something!

I start peeling some potatoes and the smell is now clear! I don’t know how to describe but the feeling is very detailed and precise. While normally no one would think about the smell of a potato, I was there cooking and realizing how enhanced was my sense of smell.

I cut the chicken, put some rosemary and while mixing all together with the potatoes, my nose gave me a clear picture of the interacting particles of each single component. It was like I could literally feel the chemical interaction between the parts and how they were affecting my appetite, my desire to feed my body and enjoy the exquisite picture drawn in that moment.

Rereading all these things I feel like: “Gee bro, you are just cooking a meal! Nothing so special!”. In fact there isn’t something special about it, not anymore! The fact is that it doesn’t look so special because we do it every single day without thinking at all about it. Cooking a meal became nothing special because we are not anymore able to realize with the same awareness of the first time how many steps it took for our specie to evolve until the point where we don’t need to put ourselves in danger in order to feed us. We went from hunting (which is pretty harmful) to having a sets of ready meals in every supermarket at the corner. Even though this process gave us unarguably more safety, brought us also to lose the appreciation of what we gained with centuries of errors and losses. Anyway that’s another story, and I’m definitely feeling more “aware” of being aware and reasoning more about everyday life’s aspects.

I also “get to feel” more all the muscles of my body, how they work all together to keep this 80kg of guy together and allow him to do whatever he thinks/wants to do. I can perceive all the fibers contract and relax, and all this is accompanied by a great mood of happiness.


The brain and the body felt more open to receive any sort of stimulus


15 p.m.

The sense of smell, the hearing and feeling all the muscles are now all “enhanced” and giving me a feeling of togetherness, I feel very positive, encouraged and happy.

“Vrrrr! Vrrrrr” my smartphone next to me is vibrating and I perceived the vibration spreading through the wood table of the kitchen, reaching the receptors of my arm and transmitting into my brain. I have the impression that before taking the microdose of LSD I was living the life in low resolution and now I’m experiencing a 1920 × 1080 HD version of all my senses. What a fantastic feeling and mood. I’m completely normal, the microdose was in the right proportion in order to enhance something without having the heavy kick of the full dose.

The smell of the chicken cooking in the oven is so detailed and once more I can feel and have a clear picture of how the single elements of the recipe are complementing each other, mixing their molecules and spreading through the air in my living area. Oh, by the way here you can get the recipe ;-).

I sat on the couch, take my computer and start to watch at some content about ideas that popped into my mind and I had the impression that the computer responds too slow. Perhaps the internet connection doesn’t work well today? Uhm.. don’t know, let me check, no it’s ok. Maybe there are some background programs slowing down the system? Nope! Then I guess that I’m processing all the information pretty much faster than usual and the things around me seems to be slower. Anyway I didn’t note any speed of my heart bit rate.

16 p.m.

My girlfriend came back home, we had lunch (I know, a bit late for call it lunch) and a fantastic chat about several things for one hour or so. I spoke with her about everything I felt under the LSD microdosis and how was my experience and she noticed how happy and positive I was. After that, the effect  was vanishing and around 17 p.m. or so I think it was entirely gone… or at least this was what I thought…

I got a bit cocky and due to my arrogance (definitely my weakness) I said: Isn’t that hard as experience I’m going to try to take 2/4 more. Even though I read that after the assumption of a microdose the effects could last from 6 to 12 hours, in that moment I totally ignored all my background knowledge and I put under my tongue other 2/4 of my tiny little square.

What I didn’t know was what I was going to experience now after having inside me a total of ¾ of the substance. What comes next has something incredible, hilarious and one of the deepest experience of my life.

End of Part 1.








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